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Climb Kili 2022

Tue February 1 - Mon February 28

How do I view my progress on the ClimbKili Virtual Map?

Go to and select >Results.



Search for yourself by entering your first and last name and then click on your name when it shows up in the participant listing:


Click on> Compare Progress on Map


This will now show you progress on the Climbkili route that you registered for. You can zoom in by selecting the "+" sign at the bottom right of the map or selecting the full screen bottom at the top right of the map. To see the Satellite version of the map select "satellite" at the top left of the map.  


If you want to see how far you are along compared to somebody else in the race, enter their name in the "add and compare participants" search box and select the "+" sign next to it to add them to the map:


Now you will see their position along with yours on the map:


To see what the area looks like on any part of the trail, simply drag the little orange person onto any spot on the trail:


Drop the little person on the spot - e.g. where you might be at that point in time:


Now you will get a 360 photo of what it looks like in that spot. Click on the photo and keep the left mouse button down and then move your mouse left and right to get a 360 view of your surroundings. 


Good idea to maximize the photo by selecting the maximize button at the top right to get the best look.


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